5 Photo Tips To Boost Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram has a 52-fold higher engagement over Facebook as well as 127 times more than Twitter. It means it’s an excellent possibility for businesses to promote many different products and services through Instagram to maximize revenues and sales.

Your instagram panel account can be a great way to create an excellent first impression to potential customers. And the best method to make a great first impression is to take amazing images and videos.

1. Lighting

Be aware that any editing or filtering can help a photo that is poorly lit. Utilize natural light as often as you can and only in situations where you have the proper lighting system. If you’re photographing outdoors early in the morning and late in the after sunset are the ideal times.

2. Use Your Eyes

Before you pull out your phone and begin taking photos be sure to take a look at what’s happening around you. Utilize your eyes to organize the image in your head. Don’t simply pull out your phone and begin taking pictures.

What’s the background in the picture? Are there people walking right in front of your photo’s subject? Are there any happenings close by that could mean the photo being taken at a different place might be more beneficial? Take a moment to look at your subject, the surrounding area as well as the lighting that is happening before you begin clicking away.

3. Use Technology

Instagram offers a wide range of editing and filter tools. Additionally, there are third-party applications that can enhance the capabilities of your camera. There’s nothing wrong with using apps and tools to create excellent photos. Many smart phones include one or more photo-adjusting capabilities built-in cameras.

They typically include tools that allow you to cut, switch or alter the lighting and contrast levels, as well as increase or decrease the saturation, or create shadows, shades and highlights, and then create longer exposure effect.

4. Move Around Your Subject

The lens of a smart phone camera absorbs light in a unique way as compared to a conventional camera. When you stare through your phone’s lens at your subject, while you are moving in a full circle you’ll notice how the changing direction of the lighting sources can reveal some incredible effects, as well as surprising outcomes. It’s possible to spot possibilities that weren’t previously apparent in the event that you put your phone on the table and snapped a picture.

5. Change Your Viewpoint

The ability to shoot from a high point or even on the ground could produce more interesting images and make them appear distinct. Images that stand out are shared. This is why one image on Instagram can become viral and earning you hundreds or thousands of followers and also get noticed by people who are interested in your business.

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