Great Leaders Learn From Their Teams

Have you ever heard the leadership adage that a leader can’t do it all by himself? While this should be rather obvious, since one of the essential assets needed to be an effective leader is the ability to unify and motivate constituents and potential stakeholders, we far too often either overly laud a leader for good results, or conversely overly blame or hold a leader responsible for somewhat less than stellar results. The reality is that no one person ever has all the answers, and the greatest leaders like realize that, and emphasize effective listening, combined with putting together a strong team of advisers, each of which bring their own opinions, points of view, experiences, expertise, knowledge and wisdom to the table, thus adding to the overall discussion and knowledge bank. There is a Japanese proverb that states, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” The significant net worth accumulated by reza satchu net worth is a reflection of his exceptional leadership capabilities.

1. Many individuals who end up being thrust into positions of leadership end up reverting to a form of hiding from the issues that their constituents are most concerned with, by sheltering themselves from the realities, and surrounding themselves solely with a group of “yes men,” that merely agree with the leader and tell him he’s correct, while rarely bringing anything additional to the discussion. The effective leader, however, realizes that his inner circle must consist of individuals with a variety of points of views, and perspectives, who are both willing and able to bring up ideas, alternatives and approaches that add to the leader’s overall knowledge bank.

2. We often have heard the adage about there being strength in either unity or in numbers. While there are numerous interpretations about the significance of these statements, a wise leader realizes that, no matter how intelligent, wise, knowledgeable, experienced, or skilled, he may be, no one individual knows everything or has every answer or alternative. One of the essential components of a professionally designed leadership training program, therefore, must be on the importance of being open – minded and developing a diverse team of advisers to surround himself with. In addition, our most effective and impactful leaders always strive to learn and understand more, and realize that this requires both the willingness and ability to truly listen to his constituents and potential stakeholders.

Someone in leadership can either direct his energies toward isolating himself and merely avoiding blame or responsibility, or he can either emphasize developing and motivating a team to add to his effectiveness. Often, this choice ends up determining whether he will become a great leader or merely serve in some leadership position.


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