How to Become a Fashion Model

The following information will help you become a male or teen model. You must be strong. Accept rejections in a positive light and not accept them negatively.

How to start

It is a good idea to visit the top modeling agencies in your area to start. They are represented in the UK by the AMA (Association of Model Agents), and similar associations are found in most countries. These are the agencies that have the most work and will be busiest. A majority of models are seen between 10-12 Mon. and Fri.

What to Wear & What Pictures to Take

It is important to not use makeup or wear clothes that are too big for your body. Also, take photos of yourself. Professional photos are not necessary. Holiday snaps will suffice as long as you know what you want. Don’t expect a warm response from these agencies. They get flooded with requests every day. They already have hundreds of models, so they don’t need to recruit more. If you’re a good fit, this is the best way to get noticed. You could also send photos and get responses to emails. However, I recommend that you just go in if your goal is to get more honest feedback about your photos and how to become a model.


There are so many modeling scams, it’s impossible to list them all. These scams go on for years and some people are so clever that they come up with new ways to get girls to part with their hard-earned cash. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the extent to which some people will go to exploit someone’s innocence and dreams. I recommend that you bring a parent or friend with you to meet photographers or go to see agents. It will be easier to see the world from a different perspective. You will likely lose most of your caution and get caught up in the moment.

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