India is a country of contrasts, with many languages, religions, and traditions. You can immerse yourself in the Moghul forts, holy cities, and bazaars. You will see a variety of wildlife, including 500 species of animals such as rhino, leopard, elephant, and tiger, 200 species and subspecies of birds, and 30,000 insects species.

India is a great destination for adventure seekers who love the high Himalayas, deep woods, Great Indian Desert and extensive coastline. India offers adventure holidays that are intense and rigorous. India Luxury Tours can include enough adventure activities throughout the itinerary. Or you may choose to go on more adventurous travel experiences in India.

While jungle safaris on elephants’ backs along Tiger Trails in India’s most famous National Parks and Tiger Reserves might be the most popular, you may also love motorbike safaris with Royal Enfields or ‘Bullet’ in India. You can choose from para-gliding and hot air ballooning as well as heli-skiing and zip-lining over the Neemrana Fort.

If you are looking to see real India, then bicycle tours through the South Indian countryside are a great option. You can stay with and dine in traditional Indian homes and learn more about the culture and daily life of the residents. You will treasure the memories of riding an elephant back as a Queen or King to the Amber Fort in Jaipur. Horse Safaris with descendants from former royals to rural Rajasthan and high-altitude Himalayan trails are unforgettable experiences that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

It can take some time to adjust to the Camel’s wobbly steps. This is the Ship of the Desert, the most popular mode of transport to remote parts of Rajasthan. Another unusual activity that you might consider is a Yak Ride in Ladakh. There are many options for Bird watching Tours in India. Each region is unique with its unique geological and climatic conditions. You will find rare and endangered species of fauna and flora endemic to the region.

For those who are more active, you might consider more challenging options like rock climbing, hiking, skiing, white riverrafting, rappelling and bungee jumping. India is full of adventure. It is a vast country with so many landscapes and geology to offer a variety of experiences that anyone can create a customized tour that will keep them all happy.

For foreigners from America and Europe, Goa’s fun-filled nights are a great way to relax and feel at home. The entire area has an European feel due to its Portuguese dominance in the early days, followed by British rule. There are many beautiful churches in this area.

While romantic houseboat cruises on the backwaters of Kerala are not recommended for couples, they are highly recommended. Sunrise is a beautiful time to see the quaint beauty of thick forests reflecting in the waterways and channels. The perfect ending to your adventure tour in Kerala is the sightings of birds, fishes, and amphibians that you will encounter on houseboat cruises.
Today’s travelers are increasingly choosing adventure holidays. Because of its diverse climate, India has many opportunities to explore this field. One could go trekking, paragliding, paragliding or mountaineering in northern India’s snowy Himachal and Uttaranchal peaks. Adventure has a completely different look in Rajasthan. Camel Safaries and Jeep safaris allow you to experience the desert heat and sand dunes. South India has many water-sporting opportunities, including boat racing and water sports.

You can enjoy the natural beauty of wildlife in the dense forests with wild animals on wildlife safaris, jungle tours, and jeep safaris in Uttaranchal or Karnataka if you are a wildlife lover. Uttaranchal, known as the land of holy rivers, offers white water rafting. It is also home to many other adventure sports such as trekking, river rafting, and wildlife safari. Garhwal has many exciting opportunities for water sports lovers. The Ganga, with its foaming and foaming waters, presents a challenge that no rafter can ignore. Uttaranchal’s rivers are known to have the best rafting opportunities. The North Indian hills are full of thrills: unexplored valleys, majestic peaks, flowing rivers and a spectacular combination of flora and fauna, snow-capped mountains, and vast tracts covered in virgin snow.

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