Landing pages increase conversions

What’s a Conversion?

Website owners want conversions. Different websites serve different purposes. A website owner will define success as a visitor taking a desired action. This is known as a conversion.

A conversion could be a visitor signing up to a newsletter and providing an E-mail address. A conversion for e-Commerce sites is usually a sale. However, it could also refer to registering for a product upgrade. Each site type will have its own conversion.

These conversions are essential for understanding website productivity. This article will not discuss conversion tracking. This is an important aspect of understanding any website’s success.

Buying signs

My background is in sales and management. I often get asked questions about the buying signals of potential customers. I can tell you what they are and how I look for them in classes I teach.

These buying signs often take the form of questions. “Does it come in blue?” “Can I bring this home right now?” You might also hear “Do you provide a delivery service?” for larger items. These questions assume that the sale is complete and the transaction has moved beyond the close stage.

Internet Buying Signs

There are also buying signs for internet sales. These signs will vary depending on what type of website you have, but they are there. Listen to your visitors and customers to discover what they are.

Information sites may be linked to your newsletter or blog. How do I subscribe to your newsletter? “Is your newsletter weekly?” How do I sign up to your blog?

You might see this on e-commerce sites: “Do you offer free shipping?” Are you selling anything under $50? I am a size XL. Are there shirts available in my size?

These questions assume that the sale is complete. They are sold in the mind of the buyer. The majority of the work has been completed. It’s as easy as getting them to your website and giving them the answers they need.

How can you bring them to your website? You can do this by providing landing pages that answer their questions.

Home Pages are not Landing Pages

Only one home page is allowed per site. This page is what is displayed when you enter the main URL. These pages are completely separate. Sometimes they are part of the site navigation, but other times they can only be accessed by entering their URL.

Many websites have a Frequently Asked Question section or page. This section is great for finding keyword phrases to use on landing pages. A popular FAQ can get a lot of visitors. This is a great time to make a popular landing page.

If you use any of these services, your AdWords reports or Google Analytics may be another source for landing page ideas. The key is to find out what your customers/visitors are searching for, and then create optimized landing pages that capitalize on those phrases.

Keyword Phrases are the Key to Success on Landing Pages

To illustrate our point, we used buyer’s queries in the examples. These questions can be used to create landing pages that answer these questions.

“Do you offer free shipping?” A landing page should be optimized to indicate that you offer free shipping. Optimize your answer to the question that your customer/visitor will be asking. A landing page would be created for golf shirts to offer free shipping

“Do you have any items under $50?” You could create an optimized landing page for golf shirts if you sell them.

“I am an L. Are you able to make something in my size? Using the same golf shirt example, you can create an optimized landing page for “XL Golf Shirts”.

It is important to remember that you can also improve your search engine ranking by creating these landing pages. You are not only providing them with a better search result for their search, but you are optimizing your site and home page to rank higher for your main keyword. The keyword “Golf Shirt”, as used in this example, is enhanced by the additions of additional landing pages that are optimized for a keyword phrase that includes the words “Golf Shirt”.

Landing pages bring qualified visitors

Use keywords phrases that answer the questions to bring qualified customers and visitors. You want someone to find you if they are looking for a cheap golf shirt. Optimized landing pages will increase your chances of them seeing your website. Once they click on your link, you’ll have a better qualified visitor than if they were just searching for “golf shirts”.

Google has over 2,580,000 results for golf shirts tonight. Only 122,000 results were found for “golf shirt under $50”. Only 172,000 returns are possible for “golfshirts with free shipping”, and only 153,000.00 for “xl golf shirt”. Which area do you believe has a greater chance of appearing in the results?

Does it Actually Work?

Three weeks ago, I created landing pages optimized for certain keyword phrases to promote a new website. The site didn’t rank in the top 100 rankings for two of the keywords I was trying to target. If you don’t rank in the top 30, you won’t be found by anyone searching for your answer.

Each of the two phrases I wanted to target, I optimized one page. To create the pages, I used articles from free article directories. To add content, I added product images and linked to them. The pages were optimized for page titles and headings. I also used capitalization to emphasize the key phrases. After the pages were completed, I submitted a new Google sitemap.

Two weeks later, I checked Google to see that our website was ranked #11 in one keyword phrase and #9 for the other. These keyword phrases also led to an increase in traffic through Google Analytics. Our landing pages received good traffic, and this was the reason for our biggest sale of the year.

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