Stage Artist Secrets: What You Didn’t Know About Your Personal Makeup.

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve learned many tricks over the years. These ten tips will help you to enhance your spring look.

1. It is an art to apply eyeliner. People who use makeup every day have some knowledge of how it works, but they don’t know what to do with it or how to get the best results. Use a white liner. Apply the liner to the inner lower lash line (“the waterline”) and instantly you will see a 10 year reduction in your age. You can also use a shimmer stick in nude, or white. Blend this right where your eye meets your nose. To avoid shimmering, blend well. Blend by drawing a straight line across the middle of your nose. Even if you don’t have any best makeup artist in bangalore this will take a lot of time off the face. Third, use a shimmery black liquid liner to draw the lashes as close as you can. Use a brush to apply the liner to the lashes. You don’t need to use a lot of mascara to make your lashes look longer and fuller.

Now, add these to your DO NOT file:

Black liner should not be applied to the bottom lid. Dark liner on the top will open up the eyes, but rimming it (or any part of the lower lid) with liners will make the eye look smaller.

– Most people find blue liners to be unattractive. The same goes for red-based purples. Avoid accentuating under-eye circles with colors. Keep both these colors out of your “waterline” – the inner part of your bottom lid.

Never use anything darker than your skintone to line the waterline of your eyes. Doing so will make you look older.

This is a theatrical makeup trick. The “younger” techniques are used to make actors appear as young as their characters, up to 10 year younger. We also use the “do not list” to make them look 10 to 20 years older. Red-based makeup makes it seem like someone has been up all night or is crying. To make a character appear battered, you can line the inner lash line with light blue. You can also use a little yellow and green shadow around the outer edges of your eyes. You now know. These are the things you should avoid if your beauty depends on them. These are the reasons you should avoid “rainbow eyes” unless your ability to do it flawlessly.

2. How can drag queens have perfect foundations every time? It’s simple. It’s known as anti-chafing cream and can be purchased at most drugstores. It’s suitable for all your sensitive areas and inner thighs. This silicone emulsion is used to provide a barrier against the rubbing of the summer heat on one’s legs. However, the gliding barrier can also be used as a primer for foundations. You should only use a small amount. Too much can cause foundation to not stay on your face.

3. Blue painters tape is the best thing ever to happen to makeup. Although it sounds strange, it is actually quite true. It can be used to make the perfect cat eye. Simply apply a diagonal strip diagonally to your liner area. This will prevent you from drawing too much. It sticks to the skin easily and prevents color from sticking to the skin. This tape is great for creating brow looks. It doesn’t pull out hairs if you peel it with your hair rather than against it. Apply a length of tape on a piece cardboard using an exacto knife. Create a brow shape by cutting the tape into desired shapes. Then, remove all tape from the area. You can use the other side of the tape to create a brow template. Use the remaining tape from which to cut the shape of your brows, then apply a brow powder. You can create any type of template effect with this tape. This is great for Halloween designs. Don’t forget to peel the hair with the grain of your skin.

4. Are dry flakes ruining your makeup look? You can remedy it quickly by adding a bit of baking soda, salt or sugar to a small amount of face lotion. Use your fingers to gently rub the affected area with your fingers. These items are available at every restaurant (and every theatre concessions stand), making it a theatrical makeup artist’s trick. Smart ladies also carry baby wipes in their purses, as they can be very useful once they get started carrying them. A wet towel can be used in place of baby wipes. This can also be used to treat the chapped lips of winter. You can use this method to get rid of chapped lips. If necessary, repeat the process and then apply lipstick again.

5. Are you fed up with the way your eyeshadow falls under your eyes and causes a mess? Painter’s tape can also be used for this purpose. Once you are satisfied with your final look, apply the tape just below the lower lashes. Apply a bit of liquid foundation to finish. All the flakes will land on the painters tape and not your beautiful foundation.

6. If you wear a wig, the best way to protect your hair is to use Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask on your hair. After that, smooth the mask onto your head and then apply the wig cap. This should be allowed to dry before you apply a wig. It won’t move, prevents hair from slipping out of a hair wig at the wrong time, and is at least 100x more stable than hair gel.

7. Barrier spray is a key part of the theatre. There is an easier barrier spray you can use, that won’t harm your skin and that will last as long as the party goes: alcohol-free hairspray. Regular hairspray can cause skin irritations and may not be a good choice due to the presence of formaldehyde or other ingredients that are likely to break down into formaldehyde when they come in contact with the skin. You can find an alcohol-free and formaldehyde-free formulation at your local organic grocery. You can get it for as low as 10 dollars for 8 ounces. It is much cheaper than the retail version and just as effective. Make your own setting spray by adding two parts distilled water to one portion glycerine and about half a teaspoon of acacia gel to a spray bottle. These ingredients are all available at your local gourmet cake supply and work like magic to keep your makeup looking fresh.

8. You can make a lip gloss from scratch. Mix a small amount of pigment powder (usually sold as eyeshadow) with some vaseline or vegetable oil to make a lipgloss. Use a brush to apply the pigment powder. TIP: Make sure the pigment is safe for your lips FDA does not consider blues or greens safe, but some purples fall into this category. Lipsticks should not contain any colorants that include “ultramarine” and “chromium oxide”.

9. Have a blemish too visible to cover? Reddening of the undereye area from crying or rubbing Brows turn red after being waxed? Visine is the solution. To immediately restore your skin to its original color, apply any “red-out” eye drops to a affected area. Hydrocortisone cream can be used to reduce the puffiness caused by a blemish, or rub spot. Hydrocortisone creme is not approved for use around the eyes but can be used anywhere else on your face.

10. You want to keep your eyeshadow on throughout the day but it keeps fading. Apply a tube chapstick to your lids. Next, apply shadow using a brush or an applicator. The pigment will stick to your lids by being sprayed on your finger with a small amount and then applied to the lids with your fingers.

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