The Truth About Traditional and Airbrush Makeup

1. Properly applied airbrush makeup is invisible through a camera or digital/print view.

Airbrush makeup is spray in hundreds of dots.

Similar to a camera picking up light, pixels are displayed on the LCD or computer screen. Also, pixels are tiny dots.

Airbrush makeup artist near me works in the same way that a camera reads its surroundings, which is tiny dots and colors. This is why you can achieve ‘invisible makeup’ with airbrush makeup.

2. 2. Airbrush makeup may not be the best way to do makeup.

Each person’s skin is different so a skilled makeup artist can use different media to create the best natural look for you.

Gel-based foundations can be more effective than an airbrush for people with very dry skin. (Depending on the brand and formula)

So, for example, I first look at the skin and then determine the best treatment that will give them the most healthy skin. This is because the skin reflects their overall health in a similar way.

3. Traditional makeup can be used to achieve the ‘airbrush makeup’ look.

An experienced makeup artist can create an invisible effect with the right layering technique.

You just need to blend more and be able to deceive the camera into thinking you are seeing the light. Powder is similar to airbrushing in that it has tiny, precise dots. It is softer looking.

While airbrushing can be done with the edges already blended, traditional makeup requires that the blending take place manually with your brushes.

4. It doesn’t necessarily mean that airbrush makeup is more durable.

It all depends on how the makeup is set, the preparation of the skin and the treatment of the skin prior to applying the makeup.

40% of makeup application takes place in the skincare preparation and moisturizing routine.

You can make your makeup oxidize quicker, slide off, or even fall off if you don’t properly prep your skin.

5. The elderly and mature skin are not suited for airbrush makeup.

To reach the crevices, you need a brush. It all depends on what medium the artist uses.

A brush is best for skin with fine lines.

You don’t want to leave gaps or have no makeup on the areas that move when your face is moving.

Make sure to dust it off afterward so it doesn’t crease.

6. For covering up blemishes that are not obvious, airbrush makeup can be a great option.

Blend the edges with a makeup brush to ensure that you have a well blended concealment.

An airbrush gun delivers the blended area instantly. All you have to do is powder the concealable blemish.

You won’t have to use a brush that causes flaky, patchy skin. Although you can do it by using a patting motion, in most cases it is easier and faster to use an airbrush gun.


Many people love to hype up the airbrush makeup, but it is a tool that can make certain applications more easy than traditional makeup.

It is the skill that prevails over the tool and the reason it is being used.
For example, if I give a 10-year-old an airbrush and a paintbrush with some paint, it doesn’t mean that the airbrush is ‘better.’

Although it gives your makeup a unique look, it can also cause your skin to look worse than if it was applied by hand.

This is not a guideline to use if you are trying to decide if an airbrush machine is right for you. It seems more appealing than the reality of having to close your eyes and guess where your makeup is being applied. You also have to clean your airbrush gun and machine. You must keep it clean and well maintained otherwise it can clog.

Look at the work of artists when deciding between airbrush and traditional makeup.

It is best to see their before and after photos without using professional photography or post-editing in Photoshop. It is easier to judge their skill and work by if they can deliver the result you want, than whether they are an artist using airbrush.

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