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The greatest privilege in working with some of world’s most renowned Ecommerce brands and information marketing companies is seeing the backend of all that is going on.

I decided to share some of my takeaways in a segment I’ll be entitled Funnel Optimization Case Studies.

I will work with any client who is willing to share some of the lessons learned during our time together.

Matt, in my opinion has mastered reaching like-minded traders within a competitive niche.

He also owns Certus Trading. This is an online Certus Trading Reviews platform that offers information products and software.

I find it hilarious when people are selling financial products. Matt is the real thing. He has been an extremely successful trader of futures and options for over 20 years. It is no surprise that he is so great at what he does.

Working with Certus has taught us the most valuable lesson: you need to create a scalable plan for your marketing. Many industries have problems. The financial space is no different. Traditional cold traffic is difficult. But, they’ve done an excellent job at mastering affiliate relationships and other traffic patterns.

We also realized that less is often more. Many people desire to create a large team in order to boast that they have “30” employees. Matt will be proud about how few they have. They have a simple business model that automates their student acquisition process. This allows Matt to spend their time helping customers.

Certus Trade helps you attain trading mastery using simple strategies that you can easily execute. This will enable you to earn long-term sustainable profits.


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