What are the Different Types Of Computers?

Computers are often described in many terms these days. Most cases simply refer to the capabilities, expected use, and size of the computer. What most people don’t know is that there are many types of computers.

Types Of Computers

1. PC

A personal computer (PC) is a computer that can be used only by one person. A Mac is a personal computer. However, most people consider systems that run the Windows OS to be PCs. Personal computers were initially called microcomputers, as they were smaller computers. An example of a modern computer is the Apple iPad.

2. Desktop

A desktop computer is a personal computer which isn’t designed for portability. Desktop computers are generally set up in fixed locations. Most desktop computers are more versatile, storeable, and powerful than portable computers. They also cost less.

3. Laptop

Notebooks are small, portable computers that can be placed on your lap. In a battery-operated package, the display, hard drive and keyboard are all included.

4. Netbook

Although netbooks can be used as portable computers, they are smaller than regular laptops. Netbooks are usually cheaper than brand-new laptops, which can often be purchased at retail outlets and cost between $300 and $500. The internal components of netbooks, however, are less powerful than those found in laptops.

5. PDA

Personal Digital Assistants, also known as PDAs, are computer-integrated devices that don’t use hard drives but instead use flash memory to store data. These devices are touchscreen and don’t have keyboards. PDAs are typically lighter than a paperback book and have a good battery life. The handheld computer is slightly heavier than the PDA and has a larger screen.

6. Workstation

Another type of computer is the workstation. A workstation is a computer that has more memory, a faster processor and the ability to do a specific task such as game development or 3D graphics.

7. Server

Servers are computers that can be used to transmit services to other computers over a network. Servers are usually equipped with large hard drives, lots memory, and powerful processors.

8. Mainframe

Mainframes were computers so large that they could fill entire rooms or even entire floors. Mainframe computers have been referred to now as enterprise servers, despite their increasing power and decreasing size.

9. Supercomputer

A supercomputer’s cost can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The majority of supercomputers are made up of many high-performance computers working in parallel. The well-known supercomputers were built by Cray Supercomputers.

10. Wearable Computer

The latest trend in computing is wearable computers. Many of the most popular computer applications such as calendar/scheduler and database have been integrated into cell phones and clothing, visors, and watches.

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