What Does It Mean to Say “Landing Page”?

The “Squeeze Page” can be considered a separate page. However, its purpose is to collect information about visitors so that marketing personnel can contact them. Both “Landing Pages” and “Squeeze Pages”, have been proven to be effective marketing tools. A https://bigwin.id/ often provides a link for marketers to use as lead generators.

Webmasters should be aware of several myths surrounding “Landing Pages”.

* The company website does not have the same name as the “Landing Page”. This is because the website promotes all aspects of the company, including history and products. Whereas the “Landing Page”, focuses only on one product or one event, the website promotes them both.

* The landing pages should be complicated and contain all the information that visitors need to learn about the product.

* All “Landing Pages”, should contain links to the company’s website so that you can sign up to purchase the product, register for the event, or get more information.

These misconceptions can be corrected by following these guidelines:

* Create a landing page that is specific to the product the company is promoting as an introductory product.

* The pages should be clear, well-designed, informative, and concise. The graphics should be placed correctly and the font should not be difficult to read.

* Do not overshadow the main point of the “Landing Page”, with large graphics, headings or photos.

* Call to Action is a great idea for limited time pricing on new products or to register for an event. These should be clearly identified on your page.

* Many landing pages are just lead generators and do not link to anything.

A well-designed “Landing Page” can be a powerful tool for driving new business to a company. When asked what they mean by “landing pages”, web designers are able to point to their page as an example of generating new leads.

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