Whistleblowers get compensation

WhistleblowerDifferent forms of compensation are available for whistleblowers who make claims under various whistleblower lawsuits statutes. Whistleblowers have the right to a percentage from any damages that are recovered from the wrongdoer organisation. These damages could be multiplied by the actual damages suffered by the government and the public.

A whistleblower who makes a whistleblower complaint may be subject to adverse employment actions from their employer. The whistleblower could also be entitled to compensation for the employer’s wrongful adverse employment decisions. If the whistleblower is fired, this may result in the whistleblower being reinstated to their employment. Sometimes, the whistleblower can also be paid back with interest or double damages.

The whistleblower could also be compensated for legal fees and costs incurred in prosecuting their whistleblower actions or to defend against employer’s wrongful reprisals.

How a Whistleblower Lawyer in Nashville can Help

You should act quickly if you’re considering filing a whistleblower case. You may be the one who loses out on a potential lucrative award if someone else files a claim. You must also adhere to deadlines when filing a whistleblower case. You could lose your claim if you fail to comply with these deadlines.

If you are unsure whether you should file a whistleblower case, EC Law has a Nashville whistleblower lawyer who can assist you. The Employment and Consumer Law Group has a dedicated and experienced team that can examine your case to determine if you are legally allowed to file a whistleblower complaint and pursue it. An attorney could help you file your claim anonymously and protect your livelihood.

Our legal team is able to help you pursue any compensation for harassment or retaliation against you by your employer. This includes reinstatement of your job, back pay, and any other damages.

Do not delay in contacting an experienced whistleblower lawyer if you feel the need to report your employer or other organization’s wrongdoing. To learn more about your rights, contact us today.

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