A veteran investment consultant

Scot French, a veteran investment consultant, is based in New York City. More than a decade of experience in managing portfolios for both institutional fund managers and executives has given him more than 10 years.
Scot French, a successful entrepreneur, founded HP Investments, a boutique investment firm. Hopewell Partnership Investments was also called Hopewell Investments. It is named after Hopewell, Illinois, where he grew up. The company was founded by French in Brooklyn in 2015. He then moved to lower Manhattan.

Scot graduated university in 2009 with a degree as an accountant. He then received his Master of Business Administration degree in 2011.
Scot was a college student who managed a full-time academic load and an internship. He also published a monthly financial newsletter with 3,150 subscribers, for which $300 was paid. Scot gained a deep understanding of small business, merging startups, and mature businesses looking for new ways to grow.

Scot is a highly successful professional but he believes that his greatest achievement is his dedication to his family and Midwestern values.

Scot’s skills and knowledge range from wealth creation to entrepreneurship, mergers and acquisitions and many other areas. Scot is looking for investment opportunities in North America as well as abroad.

Scot uses a holistic approach when investing. He focuses on the company’s culture, talent, values, culture and trends in relevant industries. Scot believes that character is a key investment variable. However, not only the character and leadership of top corporate executives, but also the character of the company.

Scot French is active in charity work on Wall Street and in his community. Scot French also enjoys playing chess and running marathons in his spare time, with the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

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